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  • Let’s dive right in; these are the qualities we are looking for:
    • Above all, you are passionate about software
    • You are curious and creative
    • You are up-to-date with new trends and technologies
    • You are passionate about JavaScript, Python and you are proud of your code
    • You create opportunities because they are essential to the company’s success
    • You enjoy racking your brain to discover the simplest, most viable solutions with your team
    • You understand the theoretical side of Scrum/Agile, but you also know how to effectively and smoothly put it into practice
    • You like working in a team. That means giving and receiving relevant and constructive feedback to your teammates

    In concrete terms, your daily responsibilities will be:
    • Collaborating with your teammates to write well designed, easily testable code, including reviewing your teammates’ pull requests
    • Participating in the Scrum process: daily stand-ups, sprint planning, review and retrospective (everything is more fun in a team)
    • Deploying code to a pre-production environment (for starters), then to production. Then savour the reward of a job well done
    • Writing tests, more tests and then even more tests in order to present the best code to your team because, as Yoda would say, “effort and discipline, sources of pride they are.”
    • Estimating the efforts for each story with your team (we tried astrology, it did not work)
    • Communicating your progress and obstacles to your team and your ScrumMaster, by smoke signals, if you have to
    • Demonstrating your teams’ successes to clients or their representatives (nothing better than showing off when we’re extraordinary)

    We really want to meet you, if you have:
    - A minimum of 3 years of experience as a developer
    - Strong knowledge of JavaScript and single page web applications
    - Experience with another dynamic language such as Python, PHP or Ruby
    - Enjoy creating well tested applications
    - Experience with modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Ember, etc.
    - Ability to work in a Linux environment, comfortable with the command line

    Wondering what our tech stack looks like? We use:
    - JavaScript / ES6
    - Webpack, npm
    - Unit and integration tests using Mocha, Sinon and Karma
    - Python (Flask, Django)
    - PHP
    - Continuous integration (Jenkins, GitHub, Gerrit)

    iWeb in short:
    At iWeb, of the Internap group, we really are not like the rest. Example? Politics and nice promises have no place here, which might make you uneasy. However, if all you see here is a challenge, don’t wait to apply!

    A little background: In 5 years, we have grown from 50 to more than 700 employees. We are an IT company that has expanded very quickly, so yes, there can be some nonsense.
    That said, we see this nonsense as an opportunity for improvement and we hope that will also be the case for you.
    - The IaaS industry is evolving so rapidly that we have created an agile culture.
    - Routine? We don’t even know the meaning of the word.
    - Status quo? You can’t connect a router to it, so we avoid it.
    - Hierarchy? The less there is, the better we feel. But we don’t like chaos any more. So, we find a balance between the two.
    - Bureaucracy? We are here to exceed ourselves and face challenges, and we don’t have time for filling out forms.
    In a nutshell, we want to keep our startup culture, but we also face certain realities of a large company. Sometimes this means dealing with additional constraints, at other times, satisfying our ambitions.
    At iWeb, we offer you a team, a community, and an open-area workspace, not to mention 100GB of RAM per developer. Yep, we have the essential resources: it’s our job!
    On top of that, we have no idea what to do with our blank walls. So, we welcome your decoration ideas, like all your other ideas.

    Here’s what we are offering you:
    • Open work environment, not only in terms of the physical layout, but also the culture.
    • Very experienced team, ready to challenge and be challenged. A perfect ecosystem to continue learning, even if you are experienced. Automation like you’ve never seen!
    • Latitude in decision making and creativity, as long as your idea holds up, of course.
    • Each employee is a key member in creating the IaaS of tomorrow on OpenStack, THE standard of future Cloud and Web infrastructures.
    • An environment that awakens the spirit: each person has their say and adds to the collective knowledge.
    • BBQ patio, game room, foosball, ping pong fruit offered in the morning, and more. Fun at work.
    • Work, family, and personal life balance: we give talent the room to grow.

Company description

About iWeb
iWeb is one of the longest established hosting and IaaS companies in the world, providing cloud services, dedicated server hosting and advanced IT infrastructure solutions.

We’re proud to have diverse customers in over 150 countries worldwide. And prouder still of the 200 incredibly passionate and talented staff who make the magic happen. We’re 15 years in the making and still growing, celebrating being ranked amongst the fastest growing companies in Canada in each of the last five years. And we are always on the lookout for people with the ambition and initiative to help take us further.

Working at iWeb
At iWeb we care about providing simple, reliable, flexible services to our clients throughout the world. We love technology. But more than that we love providing our customers with a reliable, cutting edge infrastructure, and making dealing with iWeb an easy and enjoyable experience whenever they need our support.

Joining iWeb means joining a mission to become the world’s leading IaaS brand. It means working as a team to deliver personalized solutions, and then keeping our promise of world class customer care. It also means having fun, and sharing and celebrating successes, no matter how big or small.

We’re looking for problem solvers who share our values. People who share our love of technology, our team ethic and our commitment to making our customers happy. So if you’re motivated by team working, celebrating success and developing your career in IT on the leading edge of technology, see our vacancies and get in touch.

It may be the first step on a fun and fulfilling career with iWeb.

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