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  • Continuing Education Administrator (MT3447)

    Position Summary:

    The Ingram School of Nursing (ISON) is expanding its administrative and support staff to support new initiatives in teaching and research excellence. The Quebec Order of Nurses (OIIQ) requires nurses to keep their professional knowledge up-to-date. It uses an accreditation system to administer this requirement, which is managed by the Ingram School of Nursing, Continuous Nurse Professional Education (CNPE) Office. Under the direction of the CNPE Academic Director, the Administrative Officer of the CNPE is responsible for managing all aspects of the process of accrediting nursing professional development activities with credits that are accepted by the OIIQ and in playing an active role in developing, marketing and delivering in-house accredited professional education activities to the Nursing community at large.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    •Acts as the primary resource person in relation to CNPE accreditation of external activities. Communicates accreditation application and review process.

    •Facilitates the evaluation of applications for accreditation by the CNPE office, records minutes of meetings and issues decisions to applicants. Maintains applications in progress, updates their status, and processes members’ completed applications. Updates applicants on the status of their application.

    •Participates in the development of ISON materials and workshops, enabling the school to deliver CNPE programs. Drafts activity proposals/applications that adhere to OIIQ accreditation standards, circulates to faculty members for comment and approval, and submits through formal channels for accreditation.

    •Collaborates with the Continuous Medical Education Office in the Faculty of Medicine to update accreditation practices and to create ‘Inter-professional’ educational programs.

    •In conjunction with the ISON Communications Officer, develops and publishes effective marketing materials to promote ISON CNPE activities to local and national conferences, RUIS partners, etc. Creates and delivers information/orientation sessions.

    •Facilitates the delivery of ISON-based accredited activities: confirms required resources, location, and timing; communicates with participants as needed to ensure the smooth delivery of activities.

    •In conjunction with the Academic Director of the CNPE Office, develops a business plan for the Office. Performs market research to identify and evaluate business opportunities. Manages business relationships including seeking prospective clients. Determines the best avenues to reach potential clients, drafts promotional materials, obtains approvals where needed, ensures quality of content and maximizes the reach of selected advertising vehicles.

    •Establishes revenue objectives for the Office, and evaluates the progress made towards the meeting of the objectives. Manages finances, invoices clients, confirms that payment is received and provides clients with receipts. Does bookkeeping and follow-up on outstanding payments.

    •Liaises with the research community and affiliated hospitals to identify best practices, and with the OIIQ to monitor any modifications made to standards to ensure program alignment with best practice and the latest accreditation requirements.

    •May represent the Office at internal and/or external meetings or function as record-keeper and ensures follow-up of business.

    •Evaluates processes and initiates improvements to accreditation or activity delivery procedures, forms, record-keeping procedures, fee schedules, website content, etc.

    •Prepares certificates of attestation for participants’ activity.

    •Assumes other duties as assigned and required.

    Education/Experience: DEC III Three (3) years' related experience

    Other Qualifying Skills And/Or Abilities:

    A university degree in a related field is an asset. Administrative experience in continuing education and/or nursing, with a strong understanding of accreditation of CNPE courses would be a definite asset. The ability to liaise with internal and external clients and to work autonomously and as part of a team in a fast-paced, changing, deadline-oriented environment. Demonstrated professionalism and discretion. Proven ability to work under tight deadlines and to manage multiple priorities. Ability to anticipate possible difficulties, troubleshoot and implement solutions. Professional writing skills. Proven ability to work with computer applications, databases and presentation software, as well as spreadsheets and word processing programs. English and French, spoken and written are essential.

    Reference Number: MT3447

    Reporting To: Associate Professor

    Salary Range: (Grade 03) $45,300 - $56,700 (midpoint) - $68,100

    Faculty/Unit: Faculty of Medicine, Ingram School of Nursing

    Duration: 2 years

    Hours Per Week: 33.75

    Applications must be received no later than October 25, 2016.

    How To Apply:

    Please submit your application online at http://www.mcgill.ca/medhr/positions-available/apply-now. Click on “APPLY NOW” and clearly indicate the reference number MT3447.

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