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Job postings

You are in complete control!

With our job posting platform, you are now in complete control of your recruiting process.
You have the flexibility of adding and deleting job postings when you want!

  • Direct access to all your job offers
  • Add or delete job postings, set how long you want them posted or change the contents of an offer at any time - you are in complete control.

Mobile and email alerts

Reach candidates instantaneously!

With Jobboom's broadcasting tool, you are sure to reach the candidates with the profile you are looking for via email and now on their cell phone!

  • Your offer is sent by email to thousands of qualified candidates
  • An excellent means to reach those candidates who are not actively seeking a specific position on the site.

And now, your job postings are sent to their mobile phones!

  • Reach your candidates wherever they are!
  • Free service with a valid package
  • In addition to receiving your offers directly in their email, candidates now have the possibility of receiving them on their mobile phone.

High visibility

Set yourself apart!

Get your candidate's attention by becoming an employer of choice:

Front page advertising on Jobboom: High visibility positioning on the site's home page and direct access to all your offers with one click

Customized display: All your offers are posted with a header and footer in your company colours

In addition: Occupy the advertising space around your job postings and in your employer profile

Jobboom Extra

  • Publish your job offer in 24 Heures, the most widely read daily free newspapers in Quebec.
  • Possibility of contacting new candidates and widening your reach

Featured jobs

The spotlight is on you!

You have a position that needs to be filled quickly? Your visibility is the key!

The Featured Jobs option enables you to post your offer on Jobboom's homepage and on simple, effective and at no additional cost!

Web ads

Aim for the right target!

Today more than ever, the Web is inescapable. To reach your audience with pinpoint precision, nothing is more effective than the Web. Web ads are the perfect addition to your recruiting strategy because they highlight your company rather than any one position that needs to be filled.

  • An outstanding addition to your recruiting package
  • An excellent means for increasing your visibility
  • Possibility of targeting your offer according to specific criteria (gender, age, region, field of employment, training)
  • Creation of an advertising campaign customized according to your needs.

For example: receive a maximum number of résumés for several positions to be filled or increase brand recognition with potential candidates.