Company profile

General description

Tri-Volt Industries is a growing manufacture of electrical heating elements in St-Leonard. Trivolt Industries is a supplier of electrical heating elements since 2001. Trivolt is primarily a manufacturer of industrial heaters and we distribute a wide variety of heaters and electrical accessories as well. We service different types of markets, from injection molding and extrusion, packaging, pressure and blow molding, rubber extrusion, mold makers, chemical, power plants, food and the rail industry.

The candidate will receive training on tasks required, products, company procedures and policies in order to guarantee a successful employment. We offer a competitive benefits package that includes medical and dental. Tri-Volt is continuously improving working methods in order to provide a healthy and relatively stress-free environment. Our policies place a high importance on respecting our co-workers and general working surroundings.

Industry sectors

Manufacturing and Industrial Transformation

Contact information

4491 Blvd Des Grands Prairie
Saint-Léonard, QC
CA H1R 1A5

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