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6- I want to work for myself
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  • Does the idea of working for yourself excite you? Business "smarts" can be learned. Before going into business, explore the following sites. You will find information about working independently, starting up a business and preparing yourself effectively for the adventure of entrepreneurship.

    Top of pageWhere to Begin

    70- Canada Business Service Centres (CBSC)

    The CBSC's mission is to provide start-up assistance to new entrepreneurs, help small businesses and encourage entrepreneurial growth. No matter what field you are interested in, this Web site provides vital information on government assistance programs. Browse the directory or use the search engine to quickly find the information you need. On the home page, you will find a link to your province's CBSC Web site, where you can find even more information specific to where you live.

    CIP: This site includes small, easy-to-use "Info-Guides" dealing with a number of common business issues. Great when you are looking for information quickly! The guides are listed at: www.cbsc.org/servlet/ContentServer?cid=1091019983385&pagename=CBSC_FE/

    CIP: The On-line Small Business Workshop is a comprehensive guide to starting a small business, covering everything from the original business idea to the actual start-up, from financing to planning to marketing. Each section is full of excellent advice and information. To fully benefit from the information presented on this site, don't just browse, go through each section in order. www.cbsc.org/osbw.

    CIP: Is it possible to create your business plan directly on the Web? Yes, it is. The Interactive Business Planner (IBP) allows you to create your plan step by step, whether you are starting a business or making one grow. The site uses a question-and-answer format and provides examples and templates to guide you along the way. It will also direct you to sources of relevant information and facilitate financial projections. Everything you need to impress your banker! See: www.cbsc.org/ibp.

    CIP: Are you eager to start your business but unsure of how to deal with all the legalities? Do you need help through the planning steps of business start-up? The Business Start-Up Assistant will help you. First choose your province of residence, then click on the area in which you need help — this may be drafting a business plan, doing market research, learning about specific regulations, understanding taxation, etc. — to get a list of Web sites where you will find all the information that you need. The site will also provide you with business registration and all other government forms you may need for your specific business activity: bsa.cbsc.org/gol/bsa/interface.nsf/engdoc/0.html.

    71- Kauffman eVenturing

    Possibly the most exhaustive of all information sources on entrepreneurship! This Web site is jammed with articles, tools and advice on everything related to setting up your own business. Start-up difficulties, balancing business and family life, planning for growth — these issues and more are addressed here.

    72- Human Resources Management

    Human Resources Management is a one-stop resource for small- to medium-sized employers. This site will help them find qualified employees and make informed decisions on hiring. It also addresses a number of day-to-day human resource management issues, such as employment standards, worker compensation, occupational safety, benefits and much more. This site also contains sector-specific information which has proven to be a great resource.

    Advice: Job seekers will benefit from knowing more about hiring practices and other human resource-related issues.

    CIP: You can also access this site through canada.gc.ca, under the "Canadian Business Gateway", at: www.businessgateway.ca. The Gateway offers information on a variety of other topics, including innovation, business start-up, business financing and taxation.

    Top of pageMore Help

    73- Business Development Bank of Canada

    The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is Canada's small business bank. Its various financing programs are described on this Web site, including the Micro Business Program, the Young Entrepreneur Financing Program, Seed and Venture Capital, and others (click on "Products and Solutions", then "Financial Products"). The BDC also offers management and business consulting services. Use the "Branch Locator" to find the BDC office in your area.

    74- Canada One

    Canada One is a Canadian small business magazine, full of articles and resources on a variety of topics. Subjects include starting up, writing a business plan, sales, public relations and more. This site also features a Canadian directory of businesses, a "tool kit" full of practical guides and financial tools, and a calendar of business events. You'll probably be back to visit this one often!

    You can obtain information on-line about writing business plans, various sources of financing, regulations, taxes and much more.