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1- I need an education or training
2- I need to choose a career
3- I need to look for a job
4- I need experience
5- What is the job market like?
6- I want to work for myself
7- How can I work or study abroad?
8- Where can I find more information about targeted services and programs?


All Web sites presented in this directory are considered to be of equal quality. They are listed and ranked by category to make them easier to find, and under each category and subcategory heading, they are listed in alphabetical order.

Many of these Web sites provide in-depth information on various jobs and training and could have been included under several different headings. You will find these sites in the category we considered most relevant.

All addresses were correct as of October 28, 2005.

Make Informed Choices
Choosing and managing your career are complicated and frightening tasks. Poor professional choices can lead to negative consequences in your life. That's why you need to make well-informed decisions when choosing a direction or changing your career plan. Fortunately, the Internet is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for answers to questions about the future of their career.

This directory is an excellent tool that can help make your professional life an exciting adventure. It offers access free of charge to wide-ranging and detailed information about employment and training. Whether you are looking for a job, some training, a new career, opportunities abroad, tools to start your own business or other information to make your professional life easier, this directory will lead you to an exceptionally large pool of quality resources at the click of your mouse.

The directory is divided into eight different sections to make your information search easier. We have chosen these Web sites because they:

  • reach a wide audience;
  • offer information free of charge to users*;
  • provide current, complete, and authoritative information; and
  • are well-organized and easy to use.
Comments are included for each site, and effective user "Advice" or "Career Interest Points" (CIP) draw attention to particularly interesting pages or sections.

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*Employers may have to pay fees to use certain sites included in the "How to search and find a job" category.