Jobs in Human Resources

Human resources and industrial relations professionals need to understand the day-to-day realities of employees without losing sight of the needs and financial limits of an organization. This sector includes positions for human resource counselors (CRHA) and industrial relations counselors (CRIA), … Read »

Jobs in Digital Technology and Media

The digital media and technology sector is growing rapidly. Web developers, software programmers, system administrators and technical support personnel are in high demand among employers, but candidates with specialized skill sets including mobile developers, business analysts and e-commerce experts are … Read »

Jobs in Administrative Support

No enterprise can thrive without the expertise of administration professionals. This employment sector includes positions available for administrative assistants and administrative technicians, as well as positions in office management or as a receptionist, telephone support agent or secretary. Administrative jobs … Read »

Jobs in Health

The health sector is continually in need of skilled professionals to join the workforce, specifically doctors, nurses, dentists and optometrists, as well as medical technicians such as dental hygienists, pharmacy assistants, audio prosthesis technicians, denture specialists and radiology technicians. Jobs … Read »

Jobs in Hotel and Tourism

The tourism industry generates an astounding number of jobs in Quebec. This employment sector includes jobs in the restaurant industry (kitchen helper, chef, restaurant or catering director, waiter/waitress, dishwasher), the hotel industry (butler, custodial staff, concierge, porter), tourism (travel agent, … Read »