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5 well-paying careers for creative people

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Creative people don’t necessarily need to work in an artistic field to profit from their skills. In fact, there are many professions outside of the arts that require a good dose of inventiveness and imagination. Here are five career paths that demand more creativity than you might imagine – and the pay is pretty good, too!

1. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are expected to improve the efficiency and productivity of an enterprise by maximizing the output of human resources and materials. For example, they may be tasked with reducing wait times in the emergency room of a hospital, or improving the workplace organization of a business. While an industrial engineer must possess an analytical mindset and a large capacity for work, they must also regularly prove their creativity by being able to come up with innovative solutions. Put another way, these professionals are constantly expected to be able to “think outside the box”.

Training generally required: Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering
Average weekly salary: $1136

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2. Computer Scientist

Computer scientists are called upon to design and implement a variety of computational tools and information systems. A good dose of creativity is needed for computer scientists – not only to find the best solutions to meet the needs of their clients, but also to integrate new technologies that are continually being developed in this fast-moving industry. The rapid evolution of technology forces these specialists to constantly come up with new ideas, as they are always facing new kinds of problems.

Training generally required: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
Average weekly salary: $1085

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3. Mechanical Engineer

The mechanical engineer conceives of and plans the fabrication of machinery and mechanical or thermal systems, typically in the context of industrial production. These professionals specialize in the materialization of ideas, which necessarily requires a lot of creativity and a strong capacity for innovation. As well, mechanical engineers are often asked to develop grandiose ideas while respecting a strict budget and a tight schedule. They must also use their creativity to integrate the use of new materials, or concepts such as sustainable development, with their projects.

Training generally required: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
Average weekly salary: $1085

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4. Psychological Counselor
Psychological counselors provide assistance to people who are having trouble adapting to their life circumstances, have behavioral problems or are struggling with mental health issues. Clients can be any age, from children to retired persons. Because each individual’s situation is unique, psychological counselors must be creative when determining effective treatment strategies for clients; they must also think creatively in order to establish trusting relationships with their clients. On top of it all, they must also be comfortable with taking the initiative and be extremely self-confident.

Training generally required: Master’s degree in Psychology
Average weekly salary: $1046

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5. Speech Therapist
Speech therapists are trained to treat people who have problems with their voice, the act of speaking and/or the use of language. They work with many types of clients, from paralyzed individuals to autistic, deaf or otherwise impaired persons. Creativity is essential for the speech therapist, as they must develop treatment strategies that are adapted to the age, needs and interests of each particular client. Because they work with people struggling with physiological difficulties, speech therapists must be able to come up with new and innovative treatment methods or experimental therapies for their patients as needed.

Training generally required: Master’s degree in Speech Therapy
Average weekly salary: $968

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The information about salaries has been sourced from La relance a l’université 2013, published by the ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche.